ATM application for "Mizrahi-Tefahot" bank. 

Designed while I was working at Aman UI & Design




Qmarkets is a software company specializing in collective wisdom solutions - solutions that help organizations to involve their employees and customers in real decision-making processes, and by that reach better business results and tighten their employees' and customers' commitment.




Desktop App

Desktop App for roentgen rooms, Designed especially for the RSNA exhibition. 

The app enables roentgen technicians to see the position they're suppose to capture, the ones the've already got, and a 3D skeleton of the entire body.
The app allows control of the entire roentgen room.


These are 3 POC for the App.

Designed while I was working at
Aman UI & Design


Wizard, designed for the startup "SphereUp".The purpose of the application is to aggregate all contacts in one place.


Designed while I was working at
Aman UI & Design


Find it in the extension store in Google Chorme.



The Start-Up Game™ is a unique business simulation, co-created in Israel, between ImagineNation™ and Playful Shark. It integrates adult, experiential and gamification concepts, principles and techniques into a corporate learning context in the form of a one or two day live workshop.

The aim of The Start-Up Game™ is to enable players to know how to see business opportunities and how to pursue them in innovative, lean and agile ways.


Designed for Playful Shark and The Start-Up Game™


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