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JayBee was established in 1989 and has become a leader in providing computerized solutions to the hotel and leisure industry. JAYBEE’s flagship product today is SmartButler®, the Guest Service Centre application.


Here are more images of the process and "sisters apps".



SphereUp is an all-in-one contact-management solution that lets users sync their contacts, between various apps.


Link to download from Google Play

Designed while I was working at Aman UI & Design

ProSieben - "Hot or Not" App

Designed for Qmarkets' client, ProSieben.

King of Time

Designed for PlayfulSharks' client, 2014.

Qmarkets - iPhone App

Qmarkets' iPhone app - a software company specializing in collective wisdom solutions.

TV/Radio Rating App

A rating application for android, designed for a mobile research company. I've also designed ports to many devices.


Designed while I was working at Aman UI & Design

Swiss-Post iPhone App

Concept design for Qmarkets' client, Swiss-Post.

mingo - Home urine tests mobile app

Designed during the Designit & OwnHealth hack mHealth - a three-day event which attracted a rare mesh of experts within design, medicine, technology and early stage entrepreneurs, who gathered in order to deliver innovative solutions to the barriers in Health phases.

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